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Rick is licensed by the State of RI for Class I Design-Septic Repair and Septic Installation.


Many people in RI are experiencing failed septic systems which means the toilet flushes poorly or they have the smell of sewerage or liquids visible on their lawn.  Many people are in towns where their cesspools need to be inspected and will ultimately need to conform to an ISDS approved septic system.  Maybe you would just like to know where your property lines are.  That is why you call us.  McCullochs Inc. can handle all of your needs.  My specialty is a package of analyzing your septic needs, designing a repair system and locating your home on a mapping system.

I start with pulling your deed and that of your neighbors.  I retrieve records as available from the Department of Environmental Management.  I file your permit, do a complete topography of your property, give you a beautiful plot of your property in full color and the cost averages between $900 and $1200.  If you need extensive survey work beyond this, we recommend Mr. Joe Toscano, a licensed surveyor in Westerly RI. There is no need to panic when you need service.  They are fast, accurate and priced well below the competition anywhere.  Sample drawings are available upon request.



Let's take a look at a sample job below.  This was a system under a repair application for a three bedroom home but overdesigned for a five bedroom home.  We chose Infiltrators for the field.  Infiltrators are one of the best, cost effective systems for your field.  Large quantities of oxygen in this system help the bacteria do their job.  This particular site was a difficult one because the new 1500 gallon solid tank had to be located near a driveway, a fence and a sidewalk.  Working in this condition, the tank had to be placed EXACTLY so that the elevation matched the slope of the pipe from the house.  There is no excuse for not doing the job correctly.  We don't accept an elevation that is off more than 1/2 inch.



 We install an inlet "T" and more importantly, we put a "T" on the outlet with a filter in it.  The filter protects your field and it is easy enough to clean for most any homeowner.




The run to the Distribution Box, aka D-Box, was in an area along a fence and just a few feet from an inground swimming pool.  We make small changes in direction using no angle greater than 45 degrees.  The slope of the pipe is maintained through out.


One of the most critical parts of a septic installation, is the leveling on the distribution box and lines.  The distribution box needs to be on firm level ground.  We water test the box so that the water is exactly at the same level for each pipe.  They make fancy dials to accomplish the same task but we are from the old school and doing it right is the only way.  If the D-Box was not level, one or more of the trenches would be over tasked while one or more trenches may never receive gray water.







The Infiltrators were now installed in a very tight spot.  We had to work close to the house, close to the street, close to a fence and close to a row of bushes.  We maintained a distance of 15 feet away from the house and 10 feet away from the row of bushes.  Due to the small work area, we chose to dig one trench at a time.  After each trench was dug, we installed the Infiltrators with Septic Filter Fabric on top.  We shoot the elevation of the installed Infiltrator to be sure it matches our submission to DEM.  If everything is good, we backfill the entire trench except for the ends where we will install our connector pipes.  The pipes from the D-Box go directly to the Infiltrators.  Note the D-Box with four outlet pipes for the four trenches in this system.  At the far end of the field, all four Infiltrators are interconnected together.




















With everything connected, our last task is to use our state of the art Nikon Survey equipment to digitally locate the horizontal and vertical of the system we just installed.  The elevations are compared to the original approved DEM documents and recorded.  This digital data is then transferred to a Certificate of Compliance (COC) for final submission to the DEM.  Here is our final COC submitted to the state for this job.  We install risers at the inlet and outlet of the septic tank.  The yard is backfilled and leveled, fertilized and seeded with fast growing grass.



Knowledge, state of the art equipment, patience and pride givc you a perfect job and a septic system to last for decades.





A new Infiltrator system 3BR House-New Construction


Geothermal heating with horizontal closed loop design.


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