The house in Florida...

Gainesville FL 32601

around the outside

big back yard looking toward neighbor

front side yard



utility room for washer, dryer and freezer... has door out to back yard or to hang clothes outside

the kitchen is remodeled but needs new appliances

master bedroom with bathroom

the master bathroom

front bedroom

looking around the living room

other front bedroom

extra room going toward rear porch and other bathroom

second bathroom

the back porch will be great screened in

looking out from the front porch


A quick look at University of Florida... everyone I talk to love the school for its old traditions.  It is huge.  The people of Gainesville having nothing bad to say about the school or its students.  Your house is 2 1/2 miles from the college.  You are 1/4 mile to two dollar stores.  You are 100 yards from a convenience store.  You are 1/2 mile to big supermarket.  You are one mile to a beautiful park.  You are a mile to a long bike path.

lots of scooters everywhere

an unbelievable bus system that takes you everwhere you can imagine called RTS Rapid Transit System



The End.


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