Here are the movies that are all about China 15 and China 90, bringing Mya and Devan home.

All of these movies are long so sit back and wait on this page before you actually start the movie. 


The China 15 story has changed our lives.  This first movie by Eric Vickery tells the story of our trip to China to bring home our princesses.  These girls were chosen.  There in no more loving tie than what adoption brings to all.


The China 15 story continues with Part 2 of 2, coming home.  The movie still brings tears to my eyes.  Thank you Eric Vickery for that treat, over and over. 


Alot of things happen during the year.  We will put videos on this page so all can see for both China 15 and China 90.

Here are some pictures by Rick of the China 15-China 90 combined August 2010 reunion.  We thank everyone that came and send our love to those that couldn't make it.


Now here is our family memory of bringing Mya home.  It has been a lot of years and the tears still flow for this amazing journey.  The video footage and compilation is by dad, Rick.


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It was a long wait but finally our princess Devan would come from China.  Her gotcha day was December 12, 2001.  The video is a little rough as Paula had to do it all on her own since Rick and Mya were not allowed to go to China. 



Now if that wasn't enough to get those eyes to water, take a look at the best Christmas present ever.  It is a TV special of Devan arrriving home the night before Christmas Eve.




Here is the movie of our August 2011 reunion.  There wasn't a lot of people there but it was great.  No makeup or playing with cell phones just good old fun swimming, playing cards and TALKING face to face.  This year was special as we had our exchange student Yunmo from China and we had Devan's girlfriend Megan, also adopted from China.


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